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The big boom that means spring can\'t be far away

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Update time : 2020-02-13 17:08:55

A aloud and familiar sound will resonate from the Rideau River can Saturday though crews use explosives ought soothe up the ice at preparation though warmer temperatures.

The work, being done by the City of Ottawa and the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, will can first concentrate can the region among Rideau Falls and Hog's back Falls.

The annual preparations indeed began earlier at February, with crews clearing snow and cutting "keys" into the ice where explosive gel will exist set.

The gel will exist activated Saturday, beginning the process of breaking up the ice and preventing fountain flooding down river. An amphibious excavator will also exist used ought aid soothe up the ice shelf and earn water flowing.

Ice must be removed from Rideau Falls Dam

One of the biggest jobs this year has been steaming the gates blank nearly the Rideau Falls Dam after months of ice buildup.

The ice cause ought exist removed accordingly the gates can exist easily opened ought allowing the water ought flow.

Explosives are no used each year. This cold winter has made it necessary to soothe up the ice this year.

Workers will thrive ought bug the condition until water levels stabilize and the danger of fountain flooding has passed.

Flood control can the Rideau river dates back ought the early 1890s and helps prevent flooding at the region.