Mechanical Multifunctional Fittings

  • BONOVO can accept OEM services Mechanical concrete pulverizer for attachments business

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    Bonovo Mechanical Concrete Pulverizers easily crush through reinforced concrete and cut through light steel structures allowing material to be separated and recycled, and simultaneously, permits easier handling of material.It is effective in concrete reinforced and non-reinforced, brick walls, structures in composite stones and masonry, ceilings, columns, stairways and every concrete section.

  • Factory price brand new land clearing rakes stick rake for 1-100 ton excavator

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    Excavator Rakes are Designed as an Ideal for Land Clearing, Gathering Demolition Debris, or Sorting Material. It can Help you Clear More Land in Less Time. Excavator Rakes are Built for Heavy Duty Use, so They Should not Be Used for Digging or Ripping Operations.

  • BONOVO Attachment | Available at factory price only New land clearing Rakes stick Rake

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    Bonovo Rake is ideal for fast clean-ups, vegetation management, sifting soil/rocks and removing unwanted shrubbery and overgrowth. Material can be sifted and sorted to clear out unwanted debris and leave good soil or material behind. Both in reverse and forward direction.

  • Bonovo attachment with rock crushing replacement function new designed Ripper

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    Carrier size 1 tonne to 120 tonne excavators
    Rippers are used for ripping operations, prying rock and any ground condition where the use of a normal bucket method is difficult to conduct.

  • BONOVO long working life compaction wheel of all sizes

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    Excavator Range : 1-60t

    Core Components : steel

    After-sales Service Provided : Video technical support, Online support