• BONOVO Backhoe mechanical thumb for wholesale and retail

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    Type:Pin on/Weld on



  • Bonovo newly designed and with rock-breaking alternative function 2 to 85 ton ripper

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    Carrier size 1 tonne to 120 tonne excavators
    Rippers are used for ripping operations, prying rock and any ground condition where the use of a normal bucket method is difficult to conduct.

  • BONOVO ODM OEM PIN-ON hydraulic thumb thumb bucket construction machinery parts


    Bonovo Pin-on Hydraulic Thumb customized to specific machine. Efficiently operates on smaller machines as well as large machines. Integrated design on side plates and fingers for greater strength, Special finger serration for increased holding ability.

  • BONOVO Factory price brand new land clearing rakes stick rake for 1-100 ton excavator

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    Bonovo Rake is ideal for fast clean-ups, vegetation management, sifting soil/rocks and removing unwanted shrubbery and overgrowth. Material can be sifted and sorted to clear out unwanted debris and leave good soil or material behind. Both in reverse and forward direction.

  • BONOVO Excavator link-on hydraulic thumb for mini digger excavator

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    Bonovo Link-on Hydraulic Thumb adapted to the shape of your buckets and made of high-strength steel. There is a range of models available. 145 to 180 rotation.