Excavator Attachments

  • BONOVO Standard Bucket 1-30 tons

    Excavator GD Bucket

    This BONOVO excavator standard buckets are designed for light duty operations such as digging and loading or earthmoving such as earth, sand, loose rock and gravel. Large capacity, high-strength structural steel and advanced bucket adapters save your operations time and increase productivity. BONOVO excavator standard bucket with optional bolt-on rims that perfectly match various brands of excavators and backhoe loaders from 1 to 30 tons.

  • Extreme Duty Bucket 20-400 Tons/2-11 Cbm

    Bonovo Excavator Extreme Duty Buckets 20-400 Tons are designed for the most demanding mining applications, where durability and performance are paramount. These buckets are made from high-strength materials and are engineered to withstand the rigors of extreme service conditions, including abrasive materials and heavy loads. With a capacity range of 20 to 400 tons, these buckets are suitable for a wide range of excavators and mining equipment, ensuring efficient and reliable material handling. Whether you’re working in open-pit mines, quarries, or other heavy-duty construction sites, Excavator Extreme Duty Buckets 20-400 Tons are the perfect choice for maximizing productivity and extending equipment lifespan.

  • excavator hydraulic quick coupler

    Hydraulic Quick coupler

    also known as quick hitch, can be quickly installed on the excavator and switch a variety of front-end working attachments (bucket, ripper, hammer, hydraulic shear, etc.), which can expand the range of use of the excavator, save time and improve the efficiency.  Contact BONOVO

  • BONOVO Tilt Quick Hitch Coupler

    The BONOVO tilt quick hitch coupler

    a revolutionary device that incorporates all the benefits of Multi-Lock quick couplers, providing unprecedented flexibility and asset utilization for modern excavator operations. Its core advantage is its 180-degree total tilt angle, a design that allows the excavator to easily handle slopes and cambers on a variety of complex terrains without unnecessary repositioning.

    This connector features a high-quality hydraulic actuator ensuring solid angular stability under a wide range of angles and load conditions. Whether digging, loading or other operations, the BONOVO tilt quick hitch coupler ensures excavator stability and precision.

    In addition, the high-quality hydraulic kit design is another highlight of BONOVO tilt quick hitch connectors. This design ensures smooth operation and control of the cooupler, reduces unnecessary vibration and deviation, and improves work efficiency. At the same time, the connector is compatible with all types of mainstream machines and accessories, further enhancing its applicability in various working environments.

    All in all, the BONOVO tilt quick hitch connector not only inherits all the advantages of the Multi-Lock quick coupler, but also provides you with greater operational flexibility and asset utilization through its unique 180-degree tilt angle and high-quality hydraulic actuator design Rate. Whether you are digging, loading or other operations, the BONOVO tilt quick hitch coupler is the ideal choice.

  • Manual Quick Coupler

    Mechanical(Manual) quick coupler can be quickly installed on the excavator and switch a variety of front-end working attachments (bucket, ripper, hammer, hydraulic shear, etc.), which can expand the range of use of the excavator, save time and improve the efficiency.

  • Excavator Earth Auger

    Earth auger is a new type of high-efficiency construction machine installed at the front end of excavators, skid steer loaders, cranes, backhoe loader, and other construction machinery. Equipped with an Eaton motor and a self-made precision gearbox, the excavator provides hydraulic oil to drive the motor to drive the gearbox, generate rated torque, and rotate the drill pipe to start the hole-forming operation.

    Earth Auger Video

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  • Top Hydraulic Hammer For Excavator

    Hydraulic hammer, also known as hydraulic breaker also known as hydraulic breaker hammer, this machine is powered by hydrostatic pressure, driving the piston to reciprocate, and the piston strokes at high speed Impact the drill rod, and the drill rod breaks solids such as ore and concrete.

    Hydraulic hammers are widely used in gravel, mines, roads, civil engineering, demolition engineering, metallurgy and tunnel engineering and other fields. It can be divided into triangular breaker, vertical breaker, silent breaker and slip breaker (special for skid loader)

    Kinds of Chisels For Hydraulic Hammer:Moil point,Blunt tool,Flat chisel,Conical point

    Top Type Excavator Hammer Video

  • Plate Compactor For Excavator

    Bonovo Plate Compactor is used to compress some types of soil and gravel for construction projects that require a stable subsurface.it can work productively virtually anywhere your excavator or backhoe boom can reach: in trenches,over and around pipe, or to the top of piling and sheet pile.It can work next to foundations, around obstructions, and even on steep slopes or rough terrain where conventional rollers and other machines either can’t work or would be hazardous to try.

    Plate Compactor Video

  • Silenced Hydraulic Breaker Hammer

    Silenced Type Hydraulic Hammer

    Silenced hydraulic hammer, the hammer core is completely covered in the shell, which reduces its noise and better protects the hammer core from being hit by foreign objects.

    Kinds of Chisels For Hydraulic Breaker:Moil point,Blunt tool,Flat chisel,Conical point

    Silenced Type Excavator Hammer Video

  • Excavator Hydraulic Grapple

    Bonovo Hydraulic Grapple has a large jaw opening that allows it to pick up large materials, and the hydraulic design of the grapple give it better grip, so it can grab large and uneven loads, increasing productivity and efficiency in loading cycles

  • excavator grab bucket

    Grab bucket is a more practical attachment combined with the digging bucket and thumb of the excavator, which is an extended application of the excavator and is not visible.

    The sound of the grab bucket function and the use of the case make the digging bucket complete the grasping, clamping and other actions, and respond quickly.

  • BONOVO Customizable hydraulic concrete pulverized machine for earthmoving

    Bonovo Hydraulic Concrete Crushers are used for the controlled demolition of concrete and reinforced concrete with precision, force, less noise and vibration than impact tools. They are very effective on foundations, walls and beams. They require a low pressure hydraulic power source or pump to operate.