Excavator Buckets

As a leading manufacturer of attachments, BONOVO offer premium excavator buckets to fit all makes and models of excavators, from 1 ton to 400 tons/275 to 109000 lbs.

Depending on its structure, material, performance, and working conditions, there are several types of buckets available: Earthmoving bucket, rock bucket, mining bucket, trench bucket, skeleton bucket, ditch cleaning bucket and tilt bucket. Each type is designed for specific applications and environments.

When selecting a BONOVO excavator bucket, it’s essential to consider the specific requirements of your application. The type of material you’ll be handling, the workload, and the working conditions will all influence the type of bucket that is most suitable for your needs. Contact us for professional advice.

  • BONOVO Standard Bucket 1-30 tons

    Excavator GD Bucket

    This BONOVO excavator standard buckets are designed for light duty operations such as digging and loading or earthmoving such as earth, sand, loose rock and gravel. Large capacity, high-strength structural steel and advanced bucket adapters save your operations time and increase productivity. BONOVO excavator standard bucket with optional bolt-on rims that perfectly match various brands of excavators and backhoe loaders from 1 to 30 tons.

  • Extreme Duty Bucket 20-400 Tons/2-11 Cbm

    Bonovo Excavator Extreme Duty Buckets 20-400 Tons are designed for the most demanding mining applications, where durability and performance are paramount. These buckets are made from high-strength materials and are engineered to withstand the rigors of extreme service conditions, including abrasive materials and heavy loads. With a capacity range of 20 to 400 tons, these buckets are suitable for a wide range of excavators and mining equipment, ensuring efficient and reliable material handling. Whether you’re working in open-pit mines, quarries, or other heavy-duty construction sites, Excavator Extreme Duty Buckets 20-400 Tons are the perfect choice for maximizing productivity and extending equipment lifespan.

  • excavator grab bucket

    Grab bucket is a more practical attachment combined with the digging bucket and thumb of the excavator, which is an extended application of the excavator and is not visible.

    The sound of the grab bucket function and the use of the case make the digging bucket complete the grasping, clamping and other actions, and respond quickly.

  • BONOVO wear-resistant CW SERIES digging bucket for excavator

    BONOVO offers a complete bucket line for excavators. This line of pin-on and Hinges for CW Coupler buckets feature improved designs to take the full advantage of increased machine power.

  • BONOVO wear-resistant OEM ODM service long working life crusher bucket


    Material:Hardox 400

    Bucket capacity:0.35m³-1.15m³


  • BONOVO higher level of wear protection clamshell bucket for construction site

    Excavator Range: 5-30T
    Opening: 1570-2175mm
    Capacity: 0.28-1.5cbm
    Recommended Applications: commonly used in dredging, excavation or material handling.


  • BONOVO customizable S SERIES excavator bucket for excavation project

    All types of Bonovo buckets available.
    Bonovo keep a full range buckets and attachments with “S” type brackets in stock now .

  • BONOVO Mini Excavator Buckets 1-6 Tons

    Tonnage: 1-6 tons
    Width: 450-630 mm
    Material: Q355/NM400/Hardox
    Application: Used for digging narrow cable trenches, pipe culverts or drains, soil, sand, clay etc.

  • 4 In 1 Bucket For Skid Steer Loader

    Skid ster loader Hydraulic 4 in 1 Bucket Attachment from China Manufacturer: 

    1.4 in 1 bucket manufacture

    2.fit on skid steer loader, wheel loader and mini excavator

    3.four types funtion in one bucket

    4.High working efficiency



  • Tilt ditch bucket-excavaor

    Tilt ditch bucket can increase productivity because they provide up to 45 degrees slope left or right. When sloping, trenching, grading, or ditch cleaning, control is fast and positive so you get the right slope on the first cut. The tilt bucket is available in a wide variety of widths and sizes to suit any application and they are designed to match the performance capabilities of excavator. Bolt-on edges are supplied with it.

    tilt bucket video
  • Ditch Cleaning Bucket supplier

    ditch cleaning bucket

    Applicable to surface roads and river and ditch the nap of the large capacity desilting, cleaning work, digging bucket metal welding structure, the tooth plate, plate, side panel, wall board, hanging ear plate, the back, the ear plate, fights the earmuffs, bucket teeth, tooth parts such as composition, Bonovo formulated the scientific rigour of welding process, welding quality in order to achieve better, Greatly increase the structural strength and service life of our bucket products. contact us

  • skeleton bucket sieve bucket factory

    Skeleton Bucket is the Removal of Rock and Debris without the Soil. Other Applications Include the Sorting Rocks of a Specific Size from Piles.

    Skeleton Bucket application

    Our Skeleton Buckets are Designed to Attack all Varieties of Applications from Demolition to Standard Stock Piles. The Skeletal Design is Set to Cater for Smaller as well as Larger Objects to Achieve Your Goals.

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