Other Excavator Attachments

BONOVO’s excavator attachments include a wide range of multifunctional tools such as buckets, grapples, quick couplers, auger, rippers, also include plate compactors, tree shovel attachments, vibratory roller attachments, excavator compacting wheels, and hydraulic grabbers, all tailored to fit your specific excavator model.

  • Plate Compactor For Excavator

    Bonovo Plate Compactor is used to compress some types of soil and gravel for construction projects that require a stable subsurface.it can work productively virtually anywhere your excavator or backhoe boom can reach: in trenches,over and around pipe, or to the top of piling and sheet pile.It can work next to foundations, around obstructions, and even on steep slopes or rough terrain where conventional rollers and other machines either can’t work or would be hazardous to try.

    Plate Compactor Video

  • BONOVO Customizable hydraulic concrete pulverized machine for earthmoving

    Bonovo Hydraulic Concrete Crushers are used for the controlled demolition of concrete and reinforced concrete with precision, force, less noise and vibration than impact tools. They are very effective on foundations, walls and beams. They require a low pressure hydraulic power source or pump to operate.

  • Tree Spade Attachment

    Root ball volume: 0.1-0.6m³

    Application: Garden plant, Green nursery and other projects.

    Type: Skid steer loader mounted/Wheel Loader mounted/Excavator mounted

  • Vibratory Roller Attachment

    Product name : smooth drum compaction wheel

    Suitable Excavator(ton): 1-60T

    Core Components : steel

  • Compactor Wheel for Excavator

    excavator compactor wheels are excavator attachments that can replace the vibrating compactor for compaction works. It has a simpler structure than the vibrating compactor, is economical, durable, and has a low failure rate. It is a compaction tool with the most original mechanical properties.

    The Bonovo compaction wheel has three separate wheels with pads welded to the circumference of each wheel. These are held in place by a common axle and the excavator hanger brackets are fixed to bushed brackets between the wheels set to the axles. This means the compaction wheel is quite heavy and contributes to the compaction process which reduces the power needed from the excavator to compact the terrain, completing the job with less passes. Quicker compaction not only saves time, operator costs and stress on the machine, but also reduces fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

    The excavator compactor wheel is an excavator attachment used to compact loose materials such as soil, sand and gravel. It is usually installed on the excavator tracks or wheels. The excavator compaction wheel consists of a wheel body, bearings and compaction teeth. During operation, the compaction teeth crush soil, sand and gravel to make them dense.

    Excavator compaction wheels are suitable for use on a variety of soil and loose materials, such as backfill, sand, clay, and gravel. Its advantages include:

    Efficient compaction: The excavator compaction wheel has a large compaction force and can quickly compact various soils and loose materials to improve operating efficiency.

    Strong adaptability: The excavator compaction wheel can be installed on the excavator tracks or wheels, and is suitable for various terrains and construction conditions.

    Multiple uses: The excavator compaction wheel can be used not only for soil compaction, but also for the compression and crushing of rocks, branches and other materials.

    Easy to operate: The excavator compaction wheel is easy to operate, and the compaction speed and compaction strength can be adjusted by controlling the excavator’s throttle and operating lever.

    Excavator compaction wheels are usually made of high-strength materials, such as high-strength steel and wear-resistant materials, to ensure their durability and reliability. During use, you need to pay attention to keeping the wheel body clean and lubricated, and regularly inspect and maintain components such as bearings and compaction teeth to ensure its normal operation and extend its service life.

    Compaction Wheel VIDEO

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  • Bonovo Equipment Sales | High quality Hydraulic stone grapple for excavators

    Suitable Excavator(ton):3-25 ton


    Type:Hydraulic Rotating Grapple
    Application:For waste metals disposal, stones, woods etc.