Excavator Grapples

Excavator Grapple is specifically designed, developed, and manufactured attachment for excavator of dredging or port management with excavators. It is widely using for handling loading and unloading, transportation operations of various materials such as logs, scrap metal, stones, reeds, straw, and other strip-shaped materials.

  • BONOVO higher level of wear protection clamshell bucket for construction site

    Excavator Range: 5-30T
    Opening: 1570-2175mm
    Capacity: 0.28-1.5cbm
    Recommended Applications: commonly used in dredging, excavation or material handling.


  • Excavator hydraulic rotary grapple for wood grabbing

    The rotary grapple is suitable for loading and handling of wood. The bonovo grapple has professional design advantages. It has a large grip opening width and a small product weight, which is more conducive to grabbing more wood.

    Installation and use need to add two sets of hydraulic valve blocks and pipelines to the excavator to control. The hydraulic pump of the excavator is used as the power source to transmit the power. The power is used in two parts, one is to rotate; the other is to grab and release

  • Tree Spade Attachment

    Root ball volume: 0.1-0.6m³

    Application: Garden plant, Green nursery and other projects.

    Type: Skid steer loader mounted/Wheel Loader mounted/Excavator mounted

  • mechanical thumb for excavator Backhoe

    Having a BONOVO mechanical thumb attached to your machinery . They will considerably improve your excavator’s polyvalence by allowing it pick up, grasp, and hold cumbersome material like rocks, trunks, concrete and branches, without any difficulty. Since both the bucket and the thumb rotate on the same axis, the thumb tip and bucket teeth maintain an even grip on the load when rotating.

  • hydraulic 360 degree rotary grapple

    Rotary grapple: Two sets of hydraulic valve blocks and pipelines need to be added to the excavator. The hydraulic pump of the excavator is used as the power source to transmit the power. The power is used in two parts, one is to rotate and the other is to do grap work.

  • Hydraulic Thumb Bucket

    Bonovo Pin-on Hydraulic Thumb customized to specific machine. Efficiently operates on smaller machines as well as large machines. Integrated design on side plates and fingers for greater strength, Special finger serration for increased holding ability.

    Hydraulic thumb bucket is an excavator attachment mainly used for digging and loading various loose materials, such as soil, sand, stone, etc. The structure of the hydraulic thumb bucket is similar to the human thumb, hence the name.

    Hydraulic thumb bucket consists of bucket body, bucket cylinder, connecting rod, bucket rod and bucket teeth. During operation, the opening size and excavation depth of the bucket can be controlled through the expansion and contraction of the hydraulic cylinder. The bucket body is usually made of high-strength steel to ensure its durability and reliability. The bucket rod and bucket teeth are made of different materials and shapes according to different materials to improve excavation efficiency and reduce wear.

    Advantages of hydraulic thumb buckets include:

    High excavation efficiency: The hydraulic thumb bucket has a large excavation force and excavation angle, which can quickly excavate various loose materials and improve operating efficiency.

    Strong adaptability: Hydraulic thumb buckets can be applied to a variety of materials and terrain conditions, such as earth excavation, river dredging, road construction, etc.

    Easy operation: The hydraulic thumb bucket is operated through a hydraulic control system, which can conveniently control the excavation depth and opening size, making the operation simple and easy.

    Easy maintenance: The structure of the hydraulic thumb bucket is relatively simple and easy to maintain, which can reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

  • Mechanical Grapple

    They are well suited for the secondary processing of various materials by grabbing and placing, sorting, raking, loading and unloading loose materials including wood, steel, brick, stone and large rocks.

  • Hydraulic Thumbs for Excavator 1-40 Tons

    If you want to increase the capabilities of your excavator, a quick and easy way is to add a hydraulic excavator thumb. With the BONOVO series attachments, the application scope of the excavator will be further expanded, not only limited to excavation operations, but also material handling can be easily completed. Hydraulic thumbs are especially useful for handling bulky materials that are difficult to handle with a bucket, such as rocks, concrete, tree limbs, and more. With the addition of a hydraulic thumb, the excavator can grab and carry these materials more effectively, greatly improving operating efficiency and saving you valuable time.

  • Excavator Thumb Bucket


    Type:Pin on/Weld on


    Recommended Applications: used in a variety of applications including the handling of disposable waste, brush, logs, construction debris, stones, pipes, landscape works and many others.


  • Bonovo Equipment Sales | High quality Hydraulic stone grapple for excavators

    Suitable Excavator(ton):3-25 ton


    Type:Hydraulic Rotating Grapple
    Application:For waste metals disposal, stones, woods etc.
  • Hydraulic Demotion Rotating Grapples For Excavators 3-25 Tons

    Excavator Range:3-25T

    Rotation Degree:360°

    Max Opening:1045-1880mm

    Recommended Applications:Optimized for demolition, rock and waste handling applications

  • Excavator Hydraulic Grapple

    Bonovo Hydraulic Grapple has a large jaw opening that allows it to pick up large materials, and the hydraulic design of the grapple give it better grip, so it can grab large and uneven loads, increasing productivity and efficiency in loading cycles