Amphibious Undercarriage

  • Track Bolts And Nuts

    Track Bolts And Nuts

    Bonovo supplies a variety of Track Shoe Bolts & Nuts in both inch and metric sizes, these black track bolts and nuts is specially for cutting edge used in popular models.
  • Amphibious Undercarriage

    Amphibious Undercarriage

    An amphibious excavator is specially designed to work in swampy area, wetland, shallow water and all soft terrains with the ability to float on water. BONOVO well-designed amphibious pontoon/undercarriage has been widely and effectively applied for removing silty clay, clearing silted trenches, remove wood, swampland and shallow water operation where the traditional standard excavators have limits.

    With BONOVO amphibious pontoons /undercarriage, we have proved ourselves to customers with effective performance on the following areas:
    1) Swamp land clearing at mining, plantation and construction area
    2) Wetland restoration and reclamation
    3) Flood prevention and control
    4) Water diversion project
    5) Transformation of saline-alkali and low-yield land
    6) Deepening of canals, river channel and river mouth
    7) Clearing of Lakes, shorelines, ponds and rivers
    8) Digging trenches for oil& gas pipe laying and installation
    9) Water irrigation
    10) Landscape building and natural environment maintenance