hydraulic double lock quick coupler - Bonovo
hydraulic double lock quick coupler - Bonovo
hydraulic double lock quick coupler - Bonovo
hydraulic double lock quick coupler - Bonovo

hydraulic double lock quick coupler

Carrier size 1 tonne to 50 tonne excavators
Easy to use on any machine and attachment.
Strong and durable construction to withstand robust working conditions.
All models come with an installation kit that includes hoses, fittings and hardware necessary to install it correctly to your equipment.

In order to achieve a more perfect flt, bonovo can customlze the size according to the needs of customers.

DL quick hitch

2-30 Ton




Applied to working environment where attachmentsneed to be changed frequently.

Double Lock

Double-lock quick coupler---an upgrade of the hydraulic quick coupler, which eliminates the manual disassembly of the safety pin and enables truly automatic replacement of attachments in the car. The specially designed connecting rod linkage method uses the same oil cylinder to telescopically control the bayonet at both ends, and controls the two ends separately in two times. The attachment can only be completely separated from the quick change when it is placed on the platform, which avoids the front-end attachment to the greatest extent falling, greatly improving the safety during operation.



Ton Pin diameter Working pressure Hydraulic flow Weight Product size
T mm KG/cm² L/min KG mm
2-4T 30-40 40-100 10-20 45 475*250*300
5-6T 45-50 40-100 10-20 70 545*280*310
7-10T 55 40-100 10-20 100 600*350*320
12-18T 60-70 40-100 10-20 180 820430*410
20-25T 75-80 40-100 10-20 350 990*490*520
26-30T 90 40-100 10-20 550 1040*540*600

Details of our specifications

double lock quick coupler


The double lock quick coupler replaces the manual installation of the safety pin, which is safer and more efficient.

quick hitch


Front axle has a special locking device, spring and cylinder linkage control, only when the cylinder is fully recovered lock block will be retracted, in the case of cylinder failure to ensure that the attachment will not fall.

double lock quick hitch


The rear axle safety hook is exclusively equipped, and the safety hook is retracted by its own weight. When installed, any Angle can be installed