Undercarriage Part Sprocket | BONOVO
Undercarriage Part Sprocket | BONOVO
Undercarriage Part Sprocket | BONOVO
Undercarriage Part Sprocket | BONOVO
Undercarriage Part Sprocket | BONOVO
Undercarriage Part Sprocket | BONOVO
Undercarriage Part Sprocket | BONOVO
Undercarriage Part Sprocket | BONOVO
Undercarriage Part Sprocket | BONOVO
Undercarriage Part Sprocket | BONOVO
Undercarriage Part Sprocket | BONOVO
Undercarriage Part Sprocket | BONOVO
Undercarriage Part Sprocket | BONOVO
Undercarriage Part Sprocket | BONOVO

Undercarriage Part Sprocket

1.sprocket is suitable for excavator. Digger, and special machienry.
2.visible casting technology and optimized structure design to reduce stress concentration and preventcasting defective.
3.Independent researched material and special heat treatment to guarantee proper hardness and effective

  • Price: US $40~6000 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 1000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Port: Qingdao,Shanghai,Lianyungang
  • Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union
  • Undercarriage Parts Excavator Track Shoe Plate for cat303E CAT320 CAT330 CAT345 | BONOVO

    Product Information:

    Material 40SiMnTi
    Finish Smooth
    Colors Black or yellow
    Technique Forging casting
    Surface Hardness HRC52-58


    We can offer a wide selection of sproket/segments to fit your excavators, bulldozers. Our sproket and segment group can be used to major brands machines ranging from 1 ton to 100 tons of track-type machines.

    Different Painting for Your Choices

    Production Procedures

    production procedures (2)
    production procedures (1)
    production procedures (3)
    production procedures (4)
    Excavator Track Roller | Undercarriage Parts | BONOVO

    Package and shipping

    Excavator Track Roller | Undercarriage Parts | BONOVO

    Customization Service

    Our construction machinery parts are suitable for numerous world’s famous excavators, bulldozers and loaders,also we can customize the parts according to your samples or drawings.

    Customization process

    Reference Model

    CAT:303C, 303CC, 304CR, 308B SR, REGA308C, E100B/ E110B/ 311/ 312/ 313, E120B. E200B / EL200B, 320 / 320L / 322 / 322N, 325 / 325L, 330 / 330L, 350, 375, 245.

    CAT DOZER:BS3G/BD2G, BD2F/BD3F, D3B, D3C, D3K2, D5G, D9L, D3K2, LD1000.
    DEAWOO-DOOSAN:DH035, DH55-5, DH70-3/DH70-5, DH170-3/-5, T17/DX160, DH08/DH220-3, DH220-3,DH220-5, DH220-5. DH220-7, DH240-5/T25/DX255, DH290-3, DH290-V, DH330-V,  DH280-3, DH280-1/-3, DH300-5, T30, DX300, DH360-5/DH400-5, DH450-3. DH450-5/DH500-7, DH130-3, DH130-5,DH150-7
    BOBCAT: DH030 X325D-2 / X328D-2 / X331-2.
    HITACHI: EX60-2/-3, EX60-5 / ZX70, ZX70-3, EX100/EX120 / ZX130, ZX120-3/ZX135US, ZX135US-3 EX135US-5, EX150-1, EX200-1. EX200-2/EX220-2, EX200-3/-5 /ZX200/ZX220, ZX200-3, EX270-1/-2, EX300-1/-2, EX270-3, EX300-3, ZX270/ZX330/EX300-5.  EX400-1/-2/-3, EX750, EX1100/1250, EX1800/EX1900, EG40R  EG70R  EG110R, EX30-1/-2, EX40U-1. EX50U-1, ZX40-1, ZX40U-1, ZX50-1, ZX50U-1, EX45/EX50UR/EX55UR.
    HYUNDAI: R55-7, R80-7, R130-3/R1300 R130-5/R1300-5, R140-7, R160-7, R180-7, R210-3, R220-5 R210-7, R225-7, R225-7/R240-5. R250-7, R250-7, R290-3, R320, R2900,R290-5/-7, R305-7R, 360-5/-7, R450-7
    IHI: IC45, IC70, IC75, IC100, IC120.
    IWAFUJI: U-3B, U-3C, U-4B, U-4C, U-6B, U-6C
    KOBELCO: Z66, 1.7TON, 2TON, Z94, Z96, Z83, Z82, Z85, Z84, SK60-1/-3, SK100, B41, B50, B72,  SK04-N2, SK120S, K200-8, SK07-N2. SK200-1/-2, B93, B47, B103, SK220-1/-2/-3, SK220L-1/-2/-3, B100, SK220-1,-2, SK230-6, SK300, SK300-3, SK320-6, SK330, B62. B114, B117, SK800, Z89, B139, B130.
    KOMATSU: PC60-6, PC60-7/PC75-1/PC75UU-1PC75UU-3, PC78UU-6, PC78UU-8, PC100-2/-3, PC120-3, PC100-6, PC120-5/-6.  PC130-7, PC138, PC180-3, PC200-3, PC220-3, PC240-3, PC280-3, PC300-3/-5, PC300-6, PC360-1/-3/-5, PC400-3/-5. PC400-6, PC1500-27/PC1600-27, C60R-1B, PC200-5/-6, PC210-6, PC220-5/-6, PC230-6, PC02-1, PC03-2, PC05-7/PC07-2. PC10-2/-6/-7/PC20-8/PC25R/PC27R, PC10-8, PC20R, PC27, PC20-6/PC30-7, PC20MR-3, PC30MR/PC35MR. PC40MR-1/-2, PC55MR-2, PC40-7, CD20R-1, CD110R, D20-5/D21 D30-17/D31/D37, D31PX-21, D30A-15, D40, D41, D40P-6, D60-6, D61PX-12.
    KUBOTA: R41-KAMS, LC43, U20, U45, U40-3, U50-3, RX503/KX163-5/KX165-5KX-045, KX-030, KX-033, KX-024, KX-014. LA1, LB1, LB2, LC1, LC2 / U30-3/LC24US, KX121-3, SS1, SS2, KX163-5, KX165-5.
    LIEBHEER: 902, 912, 922, B60L, 932HDS/HDSL/B60, 954HD/D7E, 964/D8K, 974/B9S, 942HDS/HDSL/D7, 912HDS/D6C, D7E.
    MOROOKA: MST600, MST800, MST1500, MST2000, MST1500V, MST2000V, MST2200.
    NEUSON: 11002HV, BAGGER 1402RD,1502RD, BAGGER 1702RD,2202RD, BAGGER 2702RD,3602RD, BAGGER 8002RD,8002HV. GEBIRSHARVESTER 8002RD, BAGGER 5002RD,6002RD, BAGGER 8003RD 8003RD/75Z3, TD15-3S.
    SUMITOMO: SH100LL, LS2600EJ/LS2650EJ/LS2650C, SH100-2/SH120-2, SH300-2/SH350-2, SH400-2/SH450-2, LS2600FJ/LS2650FJ. LS2800FJ, LS-2700CE, LS2800EJ/LS2800B, LS-2800DJ, LS-3400EJ, LS-4300EJ/LS-4300FJ/LS-4300C, SH300-3MC. SH650-3, LS2650C, SH120-3, SH135X-3, CX120, 120LX, SH200-3, SH240/CX210, CX240/210LX, 240LXS. H300-3/350-3/CX290, CX330/290LX, 330LXSH400-3, SH450-3/CX460/460LX, SH800-2/SH800-3/CX800/800LX, SH60-2/SH75U-2/LS1600LS/LS1600FJ2, SH150, LS2700Q, LS2800EJ2, FLJ2, C2, FJ.  FJ2, LS-4300FJ2, LS-4300C2.
    VOLVO: MX55A/EC55A , EC55B, EC80, EC140, EC200MX-3/MX55, MX132LCM, MX222, SE210-2, MX225, SE210-3. EC210, MX255, SE240-3, EC240, MX295, B106, EC290, MX292, MX352, SE350-2, EC360, MX452, SE450-2, EC460.
    YANMAR: Vio30/Vio35, Vio40-1, Vio70-2, J6,B7∑, B7-3CR, B7-3PR, Vio75, B12, B14, B17, B37, A19, A19, C10R-1, C12R, C12R-A, C25R. CARRIER DUMP, C50R-1/-2    CARRIER DUMP, C50R-3 CARRIER DUMP, C60R    CARRIER DUMP, C80R. CARRIER DUMP, C80R-2    CARRIER DUMP , CT95, A12, B05, SV05, SV08, SV10-2, Vio15-2, Vio17, Vio17, Vio20. Vio27. Vio30/Vio35, Vio40-5/Vio50-5/B4-6/B6-6, Vio40-5/Vio50-5/B4-6/B6-6, SV100, Vio15


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