Mini Skid Steer Loader DSL30C - Bonovo
Mini Skid Steer Loader DSL30C - Bonovo

Mini Skid Steer Loader DSL30C

Machine Weight : 1400kg
Type :  Stand On
Wheelbase:1000 mm
Total height:1514 mm
Total width:980 mm



DIG-DOG mini stand-on skid steer loader is a multi-functional construction engineering equipment. Its body is small and easy to control.It can be easily and quickly attached to a variety of different functions to achieve various tasks. It is widely used in gardens, manufacturing, and construction. Sites, recycling, gardens, roads, construction, farms and other industrial fields.

DIG-DOG Mini Skid Steer Loader is easy to operate The handle handle the walking, lifting and somersault movements; Plunger pump motor, smooth; Four-wheel drive, adapted to various environments; Various forms of foot pedal, so that the operation is more safe and convenient; Servo and standard two modes of operation.
DIG-DOG Mini Skid Steer Loader is easy to maintain The oil square oil outlet is outside the car body, convenient replacement of air filter, oil, machine filter, spark plug; The rear guard plate is easy to take down, and the upper cover can be opened.
The international famous brand of the engine, stable and reliable, quality warranty.
DIG-DOG Mini Skid Steer Loader for a variety of tires and track modes for selection, stronger adaptability.
DIG-DOG Mini Skid Steer Loader is narrower, only 800 mm wide. Can pass through the strip, and has large fuel tanks and lifts.
DIG-DOG Mini Skid Steer Loader can do a large degree of simplified manual work, improve efficiency.
DIG-DOG Mini Skid Steer Loader compared with similar products, with a higher lifting height.


Mini Skid Steer Loader Main Specification
Item DSL20 DSL20C DSL30 DSL30C
Operating weight 890kg 855kg 1400kg 1400kg
Max lifting Force(kg) 200 Kg 200 Kg 400 Kg 400kg
Bucket capacity 0.15 m3 0.12 m3 0.15 m3 0.15 m3
Max lifting power 375 Kg 375 Kg 375 Kg 375 Kg
speed 0-5.5 Km/h 0-5.5 Km/h 6Km/h 6Km/h
Rated power 21HP/23HP 21HP/23HP 24.4KW+5% 24.4KW+5%
Rotating speed(rpm) 3600 3600 2800 2800
Noise(Db) ≤95 ≤95 ≤95 ≤95
Hydraulic pressure(Mpa) 17 17 20 20
Max working height(A) 2115 mm 2065mm 2355 mm 2355 mm
Max pin height (B) 1856 mm 1803 mm 2088 mm 2122 mm
Max dump height(C) 1460 mm 1386 mm 1942 mm 1976 mm
The highest point discharge distance(D) 388 mm 471mm 464mm 528 mm
Bucket swing angle(β) 55° 55° 43° 43°
Bucket unloading angle(γ) 30° 32° 30° 30°
Opening-closing angle(θ) 25° 33° 37° 37°
Angle of departure(α) 18° 24° 30°
Total height (H) 1205 mm 1309mm 1479mm 1514 mm
The height from the ground(F) 90 mm 123mm 195mm 230 mm
Wheelbase (G) 636 mm 690 mm 817mm 1000 mm
No bucket length(J) 1752 mm 1778 mm 195 mm 230 mm
Total width (W) 1033 mm 800 mm 1029mm 980mm
Bucket width (K) 980 mm 820 mm 1150mm 1150mm
Total length(L)(with bucket) 2206 mm 2210 mm 2438 mm 2438 mm
Turning radius (R) 1307 mm 1236mm 1492 mm 1507 mm


Bonovo stand-on skid steers – a paradigm shift in efficiency and versatility. Designed with precision and innovation, these machines redefine the landscape of productivity. The upright design provides unparalleled visibility and maneuverability, allowing operators to easily navigate tight spaces. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, our stand on skid steer feature intuitive controls that simplify operation, reduce fatigue and maximize production.


These rugged machines are designed to tackle a variety of tasks from construction to landscaping with strength and finesse. The compact footprint ensures accessibility within limited areas without compromising power and performance. Our stand on skid steers focus on operator comfort, incorporating ergonomic design elements to create a supportive and fatigue-resistant work environment. Whether you're lifting, excavating or transporting materials, our skid steer loaders deliver unparalleled efficiency, making them the first choice for professionals who strive for excellence. Enhance your work experience with the compact construction equipment of the future, our stand on skid steer.



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