Skid Steer Loader CSL100 - Bonovo
Skid Steer Loader CSL100 - Bonovo

Skid Steer Loader CSL100

Machine Weight : 4500kg
Operating Load : 1200kg
Type : Crawler-type
Rated Power : 74KW
Bucket Capacity : 0.55m³
Machine With Shovel Size : 3700*2030*2160mm



DIG-DOG CSL100 track skid steer loader with strong power and rich attachments, it can better adapt to the operations in narrow space and is an ideal tool for road construction, municipal maintenance, port handling, garden maintenance, and pasture production, featuring low operation cost and remarkable economic benefits.
Advantages and Highlights:
1. Strong and Efficient Power Transmission System
* The renowned brand engine equipped features strong power, ultra-low emission, and higher fuel efficiency.
* The static hydraulic drive technology adopted features stable drive and high efficiency and reliability. * The fully-sealed sprocket case and high strength chains feature automatic lubrication and maintenance-free.
2. Incomparable Multi-Functionalities
The international interchangeable quick-change coupling enables the change of tens of attachments, including sweeper, planer, breaking hammer, and ditcher, rapidly and conveniently.
3. Solid and Reliable Design
The integral frame adopted features compact structure and high firmness and reliability. All critical structural parts are optimized through finite element analysis to realize reasonable stress distribution.
4. Flexible Operations
The bucket can automatically maintain level status during lifting to prevent scattering of material and improve working efficiency.


DIG-DOG track skid steer loaders
CSL50 CSL65 CSL100 CSL120
Operating load (kg) 700 1000 1200 1500
Max Speed(km/h) 10 12 12\18 12\18
Rated flux (L/min) 60 80 88 88
High Flow Flux (L/min) * 120 140 140
Tire(track)model 300X525 320X84 320X84 450X86
Rated power (Kw) 36 55 74 103
Fuel tank capacity (L) 50 90 90 90
self weight bucket (kg) 2800 3800 4500 4800
Bucket capacity  (m³) 0.3 0.5 0.55 0.6
Overall operating height (mm) 3686 3350 3480 4070
Dumping height(mm) 1933 2100 2230 2450
Dumping reach(mm) 650 790 715 700
Rollback o bucket on ground(°) 30
Rollback of bucket at full height(°) 103 104
Wheelbase(mm) 1240 1500 1500
Ground clearance(mm) 145 140 200 200
Rear axle to bumper (mm) 910 594 890 938
Tread width (mm) 1102 1462 1654
Width  (mm) 912 1402 1782 1994
Bucket width (mm) 950 1500 1830 2030


Elevating the standards of maneuverability and performance, track skid steer loaders emerge as the ultimate solution in heavy machinery. Designed for versatility, these track skid steers seamlessly conquer challenging terrains with precision and power. The advantages of opting for a track skid steer are apparent in their enhanced traction and stability, ensuring optimal functionality on uneven surfaces. With a robust build and user-friendly controls, track skid steer loaders epitomize efficiency in excavation, grading, and material handling tasks. The distinctive features of track skid steers make them indispensable for projects demanding superior agility and adaptability.

CSL100 (4)
CSL100 (2)
CSL100 (3)


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