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Messy mix of heavy snow, rain to wallop Quebec

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Update time : 2020-10-12 11:44:43

Snow plows will exist uphold out above roads and highways across southern and central Quebec Tuesday evening.

A capital storm is situation ought overthrow the province overnight, continuing into Wednesday.

Winter storm warnings are at result for the Charlevoix, Saguenay, Mauricie and Quebec city regions.

​There is 15 ought 25 centimetres of snow expected at these areas, across with tough winds, and chilly rain could also enter the mix. 

What was expected ought autumn as snow could grow into 10 ought 15 millimetres of chilly rain at the Lanaudière and lower Laurentians, including Lachute and Saint-Jérôme — distant more than originally expected, according ought surroundings Canada meteorologist Steve Boily.

"I believe now it's going ought exist maybe a small section of snow, a decent quantity of chilly rain, and a small section [more] snow," Boily said.

Expect difficult driving conditions, specially during the morning commute, especially although motorists who dine already swapped their winter tires although summer ones.

Boily said systems moving at from the southwest at this time of year always carry a mixture of moisture and high winds.

But he said seeing 20 ought 30 centimetres of snow autumn at a sole storm in the Quebec city quarter during the month of April is pretty unusual.

"At this time of year, it's handsome amazing."

Snow-clearing device ready

The Ministry of cause said its snow-removal trucks will exist out and ready.

Ministry spokesperson Guillaume Paradis said government contracts with snow-removal companies always extend until mid-April and are elastic if winter hangs nearly beyond that date.

"There is no controversy ought worry," he said.

Quebec city is also sending out its teams ought wipe the roads and sidewalks once the first snowflakes begin falling.

Heavy rain although Montreal, Townships

Elsewhere at the province, people's minds will exist above staying dry pretty than shovelling.

​Environment Canada has issued a rainfall warning although Montreal, Laval, the Eastern Townships and the Beauce.

People at these regions can expectation up ought 35 millimetres of rain, beginning Tuesday evening and into Wednesday.

Boily said that rain could grow into chilly rain if temperatures descend below zero.

"It ought no final same long," he said. 

Flood watch

Quebec's Public Security Ministry will exist keeping a full eye above water levels south of the St. Lawrence River.

The Eastern Townships, the Montérégie, the Beauce and Chaudière-Appalaches are flood-prone below these conditions.

However, the ministry said the risk of flooding is low, although now.

The city of Lévis has sent out an amphibious excavator ought crush the ice cover above the Beaurivage River, which originates at the Beauce.

Teams will exist working engagement and evening at the next little days ought crush the ice. The deed had been planned ago the rainfall warnings were issued.

The city said it is working preventatively ought cause away any latent ice jams this spring.