Backhoe Loader BL820W - Bonovo
Backhoe Loader BL820W - Bonovo

Backhoe Loader BL820W

Machine Weight : 8200 kg
Engine Brand : YUCHAI WP4G95E221

Rated Load: 2.5 TON



DIG-DOG BL820W mini tractor backhoe loader belongs to the latest generation of DIG-DOG Backhoe loaders, which comes to market with a number of innovations.
It is upgraded on the basis of the mature equipment and technical performances of present products, including the upgrade of engine emission, structural parts, and optimization of working device parameters, to further improve the comfort, safety, maintainability, and economy of the product.

DIG-DOG BL820W backhoe loader adopts various engines, including Weichai, Yuchai, Cummins Tier 2 and Tier 3 diesel engine, to meet European emission standards. The machine also use Perkins and Cummins Euro 5 diesel engine, which reaches its owning and operating costs while maintaining the same performance and power.The front loader design ensures optimal parallel lifting. in addition, the diverging shape of the arm greatly improves visibility and provides excellent loading performance.

1. Highly reliable hydraulic torque converters and gearboxes are used to provide super power, and the special bridge for heavy-duty engineering runs smoothly and has high reliability;
2. Integrate the excavator and loader into one, making one machine multifunctional. It fully possesses all the functions of a small excavator and loader, is more suitable for working in narrow spaces, is convenient and flexible, and improves work efficiency by more than 30%;
3. It should be noted that DIG-DOG BL820W has an overall frame structure, which makes the body more stable during excavation operations. This differs from low-cost but structurally unstable machines that have an excavation device mounted on the other end of a separate wheel loader;
4. The excavating lateral sliding mechanism makes the excavation operation wider and more efficient;
5. The design of the front flip-up guard greatly improves the maintainability of the whole machine;
6. A variety of attachment devices are optional to complete a variety of construction operations. It is used in municipal administration, construction, water conservancy, highways, tap water, power supply, gardening and other departments, and can be used in agricultural construction, pipe laying, cable laying, landscaping and other operations.


Overall Operating Weigh 8200KG
L*W*H 6100×2365×3752
Wheel base 2200mm
Min.Ground Clearance 300mm
Bucket Capacity 1.0m3
Breakout Force 58KN
Loading Lifting Capacity 2500KG
Bucket Dumping Height 2742mm
Bucket Dumping Distance 925mm
Digging Depth 52mm
Backhoe Capacity 0.3 m3
Max.Digging Depth A082/4500mm
Swing Angle of Excavator Grab 1900
Max.Pulling Force 65KN


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Enlarged fully sealed cab, adjustable suspension seat can be rotated 180°. Wood grain interior and sunroof design, built-in sun visor, rear view mirror, music entertainment system, window hammer, fire extinguisher.



The pilot-operated operation, which is softer and lighter in operation and has better versatility. All joysticks are ergonomically distributed near the driver's seat for comfortable operation.



The braking system is safe and reliable, with air-capped oil caliper disc-type foot brake system and external beam-type drum hand brake.

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Famous brand rubber tires in China, professional model design, high width safety.



The fuel consumption performance is better, the fuel consumption rate is lower, the cooling performance is improved, and the power is more abundant.



Adopt mid-mounted two-way hydraulic steering cylinder, compact structure, light and flexible steering. Hydraulic multi-piece differential lock, locking balance, smooth running.


Unveiling the epitome of versatility in heavy machinery—backhoe machine. this dynamic duo seamlessly integrates the capabilities of a robust loader with the digging prowess of a backhoe, offering a comprehensive solution for a myriad of construction tasks.

Powered by a formidable engine, our backhoe and loader excels in digging, loading, and material handling with unparalleled finesse. The articulated design ensures seamless maneuverability, navigating through diverse terrains effortlessly. With a focus on operator convenience, the intuitive controls and ergonomic cabin design provide a fatigue-resistant work environment for prolonged productivity.

Whether you're excavating, lifting, or loading materials, our loader with backhoe stands as a testament to innovation, setting new benchmarks in construction equipment. Embrace a new era of efficiency and versatility—choose our Loader with Backhoe for a powerhouse performance that transforms every project into a seamless success.

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