Backhoe Loader BL920 - Bonovo
Backhoe Loader BL920 - Bonovo

Backhoe Loader BL920

Machine Weight : 9300 kg
Engine Brand : YUCHAI WC4A105Z-T20

Rated Load: 2.5 TON



The BL920 backhoe loader belongs to the latest generation of DIG-DOG backhoe loaders, which is developed for the Russian market with a number of innovations. The reinforced overall frame and powerful Yuchai diesel engine increased breakout force and lifting capacities, while four-wheel steering mode and DIG-DOG heavy duty axles makes 388H more sturdy and flexible. BL920 has been developed with constant attention to the needs of customers from all over the world, it provides reliability, power and a top-quality operator environment to see you through the toughest projects. Whether you’re loading trucks, busting up blacktop, placing pipe, digging trenches, or moving materials, BL920 Backhoe loader is more than up to the task.

Standard configuration of BL920: four-wheel steering, crab-shaped travel, front and rear mechanical operation, air conditioning, preheating, hydraulic pump, Eaton steering gear, priority valve, axle box, reserved breaker pipeline.

1. Turn eight link loading working device, with better bucket lift translation, greater excavation force, and equipped with bucket ground automatic leveling system, effectively improve the efficiency of loading operation;
2. The excavation working device adopts the middle type, and the boom and bucket rod adopt the box structure, which is strong and durable with good structural stability;
3.It should be noted that DIG-DOG BL920 has an overall frame structure, which makes the body more stable during excavation operations. This differs from low-cost but structurally unstable machines that have an excavation device mounted on the other end of a separate wheel loader;
4. Using low pressure wide base off-road tires, rear axle swing, with good off-road performance and pass performance;
5. The excavating working device is side shift type, high strength and good structural stability. Optional wing spread legs to provide better excavation stability.


DIG-DOG   BL920   Mini   Tractor   Backhoe   Loader
Total length(bucket at ground) 6450±80mm
Total width 2650±20mm
Bucket width 2620mm
Total height (cabin top) 3120±10mm
Total height (digging boom top) 3940±20mm
Wheel base 2335±10 mm
Wheel tread 2139±10mm
Rated load 2500KG
Operating weight 9300kg
Rated bucket capaci 1.2m3
Max.Dumping height (41o dumping angle) 3050±50 mm
Dumping distance 870±20 mm
Rated digging bucket capacity 0.3m3
Max.Digging depth 3820+20 mm
Max.Digging radius 5345±20mm
Max.Loading height 3740±20mm
Max.Digging force 5100kg
Max.Digging height 5470±20mm
Lifting force at Max.Digging radius 1220kg
Max.Digging Depth 4970+20 mM
Max.Loading Height 4983±20mm
Max.Digging Height 6680±20mm


our Backhoe Loader, a beacon of efficiency and power in the construction realm. Meticulously crafted with innovation at its core, this machine is a masterful blend of excavator and loader functionalities, designed to elevate your project capabilities to unprecedented heights.

Equipped with a powerful engine, our Backhoe Loader ensures optimal performance in digging, trenching, and material handling with seamless precision. The articulated design enhances maneuverability, allowing operators to navigate confined spaces effortlessly. Versatility is its hallmark, seamlessly transitioning between tasks to maximize productivity on the job site.

With intuitive controls and ergonomic cabin design, operators experience comfort and control, reducing fatigue during extended work hours. The extendable arm and versatile attachments make our Backhoe Loader an indispensable asset for diverse construction needs. Step into a new era of construction efficiency—choose our Backhoe Loader for unparalleled performance that defines the zenith of innovation in heavy equipment.

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Enlarged fully sealed cab, adjustable suspension seat can be rotated 180°. Wood grain interior and sunroof design, built-in sun visor, rear view mirror, music entertainment system, window hammer, fire extinguisher.



The pilot-operated operation, which is softer and lighter in operation and has better versatility. All joysticks are ergonomically distributed near the driver's seat for comfortable operation.



The braking system is safe and reliable, with air-capped oil caliper disc-type foot brake system and external beam-type drum hand brake.

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Famous brand rubber tires in China, professional model design, high width safety.



The fuel consumption performance is better, the fuel consumption rate is lower, the cooling performance is improved, and the power is more abundant.



Adopt mid-mounted two-way hydraulic steering cylinder, compact structure, light and flexible steering. Hydraulic multi-piece differential lock, locking balance, smooth running.


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