• Mini Excavator  1 Ton – ME10

    Mini Excavator 1 Ton – ME10

    Mini excavators, which can sometimes be known as mini diggers who can help to make a wide range of industrial and commercial construction jobs easier. Normally ranging from 1 ton to 10 tons, this mini excavator gives you the ability to maximize productivity and uptime in the toughest and most confined working conditions.
  • Amphibious Excavator

    Amphibious Excavator

    Amphibious excavator is also called floating excavator, which is specially designed to function effectively on rivers, swampy lakes, canals and settling pond rehabilitation areas. We have professional team to design and custom made high quality and versatile models of amphibious excavators for all major brands of excavators ranging from 5 to 50 tons. Bonovo team can offer different project solutions including dredging pump, long-way walking, loading platform, sectional barge and long reach arms.
  • Medium Excavator

    Medium Excavator

    Bonovo offers a wide variety of crawler excavators in medium size ranging from 20 tons to 34 tons. This 20 tons crawler excavator from Bonovo is purpose-built to meet the needs of the highly demanding medium-duty market. High-end configuration, high performance turbocharged engine with mechanical pump features high power, low fuel consumption and powerful fuel adaptability. Aimed squarely at one of the most competitive segments of the excavator market, Bonovo’s WE220H crawler excavator is the perfect partner for a wide range of medium-duty applications.
  • Mini Excavator  1.6Tons – ME16

    Mini Excavator 1.6Tons – ME16

    Choose the right mini excavator for your job is very important to increase the productivity. Bonovo can offer a variety of models to fit your particular job, no matter you are looking for crawler or wheeled excavator, Bonovo can supply you an approximate operating weight from 0.7 to 8.5 tonnage.
  • Mini Excavator 2 Tons – ME20

    Mini Excavator 2 Tons – ME20

    Bonovo mini excavators are designed for operators to enhance cab comfort and fuel-saving features that bring more versatility, efficiency and productivity to your job site. You can choose different excavator attachments to fit your specific jobs, Bonovo team can supply you the best spare parts and after-sales service.