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How to choose a perfect bucket - Bonovo


As many years being one of the market leaders in construction machinery industry manufacturing, BONOVO has always been asked various questions by different customers, no matter you are end-users, dealers or OEM partners, BONOVO can always guarantee that every product is accurately customized and well produced to fit your machines perfectly.  

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For the excavator bucket, the most frequently asked technical questions lie on the bucket, this is a typical FAQ.

Question: “Should the bucket be made as firm as possible?
Answer: No, the reinforcement of the excavator bucket should pay attention to two aspects. One is effectiveness, and the other is firmness. If you protect the bucket in all directions, the bucket weight is bound to be increased. A heavier bucket will not only increase the fuel consumption of the machine, but also have a considerable impact on the life of the machine. This little loss cannot be ignored. Caterpillar has done a study: for every 0.5 ton increase in bucket weight, the cycle time increases by 10%, and the annual gross profit decreases by 15%. So weld on the part that needs the most reinforcement, it is not integral welding. The second is that the welding must be firm. If there are stiffeners everywhere on your bucket, one day the welding seam suddenly cracks and a small piece of iron falls into your crusher, then the loss may be large.


More questions about whether our bucket suits your excavator, please check the below diagram of mounting dimensions;


- A and B : Bucket pick up dipper gap, it should not be less than the width of excavator dipper. Best is 1 or 2mm larger.

- C: Pin centre. Normal tolerance is +/- 0.5mm.

- D and E: Dipper pin diameter. Normal tolerance is + 0.2/+ 0.1 mm.

- F and G: Bucket boss width.

- X and Y: Bucket height, could judge if the bucket is of correct capacity.

- Bucket width. For digging bucket, normally from 6 to 60 inches; mud bucket starts from 72 inches.

- Bucket Teeth, shrouds, etc.

- Bucket surface: welding quality, must no crack; paint color if brand new.

The pin hole will be controlled severely, normal tolerance is + 0.2/+ 0.1 mm. Otherwise, big gap between pin and pin hole will create noise and shakes. Nobody wants to see that, right?

Next is the overall height and width. They are also important because of the capacity. If you buy an excavator bucket with correct pivot dimensions but a wrong shell, it must be a problem. Big shell causes high-weight that mini excavator could not bear; incorrect shell is not efficient with a large emission machine.

Hope this little knowledge of excavator bucket could support you to choose right bucket.

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